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PATI is the leading producer of plastic films from thermoplastic materials in Italy. The company which was founded in 1962 is the most advanced thermoplastic polymers manufacturer for agricultural industry in Europe.

PATILITE is our best selling reference. It is a thermal film with diffused light and high transmittance.

Advanced thermic diffusing light film. the original and patented production process features a special structure, creating gas filled tiny cells within the thickness. The combination of an eva copolymer as base material allows extraordinary results in the greenhouse climatic control.
Patilite’s total light transmission is very high but at the same time it acts as a barrier to the short ir radiation.

PATILITE enhances the growth and fruit-bearing properties balancing daily temperature variations.

PATILITE films are supplied without anti-drip additives, because the particular structure ( high insulating effect) and the limited evapotranspiration reduce the water condensation onto the film surface.

Available in 9.25m and 12.50m width.

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