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1) Production Substrates

Cocopeat / Riococo

Cocopeat is the most used soilless growing substrate in the world.

Established in 2002, RIOCOCO is one of the major Coconut growing media manufacturers from Sri Lanka. Running a global operation and working with some of the largest hydroponics greenhouse crop producers in the world, RIOCOCO is recognized as one of the foremost soilless growing media manufacturers in the region and also as the highest quality single origin growing medium supplier in the world.

Riococo is now the leading cocopeat brand on the Island with best selling reference Riococo 200 growbag.

We also offer 5 kg cocopeat blocks for gardening purposes.

2) Propagation Substrates

Peatmoss / Plantaflor

Sphagnum peat moss is the most popular substrate used worldwide by growers for plant propagation.

Plantaflor has its headquarters in Germany but also has production facilities in the Baltic states.

We have design with Plantaflor a custom-made propagation substrate enriched with starting NPK formula which suits the specific requirements of our tropical climate.

The product is available in 70L bags for professional use and smaller 20 L bags for the amateur gardener.

2) Propagation Substrates

Rockwool / Grodan

Rockwool is by any means the most perfect plant substrate in the world for soil less production. It is the most stable material you can find with the best water to air ratio for plant growth.

We have chosen to work with Grodan as the world leading brand in Rockwool.

Our best-selling reference is the propagation plate AO 25x25x40mm with pre perforated seed holes. The demand for this product has peaked during the last 2 years as it less labour intensive to use compared to traditional other traditional substrate that require filling seedling trays. We also notice a lower level of damping off.

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